Barbeito July 2016 (225 of 244)

In Luz’s kitchen, food and love are inseparable.  Here you’ll find Luz carrying on the traditions of her childhood in Argentina as she cooks for her husband and five children.  Years ago, Luz and her husband moved from a suburban neighborhood to their current home on six acres with the hope of creating their own farm… or “Cabana” to them.  They bought sheep and chickens, planted a garden and opened the doors to let their children run outside.  Here they found that they loved the peaceful surroundings and simplicity of a life surrounded by nature. 

On the farm, Luz loves to see the daily transformations of seed to tomato, or fresh egg from her chickens to a beautiful quiche.  Her passion is making fresh and nutritious food, the kind that feeds your body and your soul, and warms your heart.  Savory quiche, thick and creamy soups, generous empanadas and delicate tarts materialize in her kitchen, filling the air with mouth-watering aromas. 

Luz began cooking these same savory and traditional dishes she makes for her family and began selling them at a local market.  From there, Lo de Luz was born.  Now her hope is to bring home-cooked dishes and sweets, made with love, to other homes besides her own.